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Welcome to Wolfe’s Den!

Top Games

Like most gamers, I play many games. However, I have a couple that I always prefer over the rest…

All-time favorite

League of Legends

Playing since 2010, League of Legends is the 2nd longest game I’ve stuck with (first being Age of Empires 2).

I main support and dabble in other lanes. Since plenty of my main champions can also go mid, I occasionally find myself in mid-lane.

Favorite Survival

ARK: survival evolved

I first picked up ARK on sale from Steam, Christmas 2020. From there, I decided to invest my time and energy into hosting a cluster of servers as well.

I’d love for you to join me and my community! Join the community on Discord to find out more about joining.

More Favorites

Here are a few of my other current favorites from more genres.

classic survival


Adventuring, horses, building towns, and managing animals are the things I call fun in Minecraft.

I prefer modded (usually) but vanilla has had some amazing updates lately.

High-Quality Stabbing

Among Us

Performing maintenance or betraying friends, both are hilariously fun in this widely popular game.

The more you play with the same people, the more they suspect you.

This game has taught me how to keep cool and stick to my story in order to get others voted out so I can kill all the crewmates.

Ha! Classic fun but in space!

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About me

I’m a gamer, wife, and mom.

I am a cancer survivor.

I believe everyone deserves kindness.

I absolutely love puzzle games.

I enjoy drawing.

League is life.