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Hey there,

Welcome to Wolfe’s Den!

Top Games

Like most gamers, I play many games. However, I have a couple that I always prefer over the rest…

All-time favorite

League of Legends

Playing since 2010, League of Legends is the 2nd longest game I’ve stuck with (first being Age of Empires 2).

I main support and dabble in other lanes. Since plenty of my main champions can also go mid, I occasionally find myself in mid-lane.

Favorite Survival

ARK: survival evolved

I first picked up ARK on sale from Steam, Christmas 2020. I enjoyed it so much I decided to host a cluster of servers for anyone to join!

Learn more about the public servers I host and how to join the community events!

More Favorites

Here are a few of my other current favorites from more genres.

classic survival


Adventuring, horses, building towns, and managing animals are the things I call fun in Minecraft.

I prefer modded (usually) but vanilla has had some amazing updates lately.

Classic Strategy

Age of Empires

Coming in at #1 on the longest game I’ve stuck with, Age of Empires has been in my life since it first released in 1997.

To this day, my father and I still play regularly. Currently, we play the latest installment of the series, Age of Empires 4, released in 2021..

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About me

I’m a gamer, wife, and mom.

I am a cancer survivor.

I believe everyone deserves kindness.

I absolutely love puzzle games.

I enjoy drawing.

League is life.