Wolfe’s Den Servers

ARK: Survival Ascended

ARK: Survival Ascended is a great survival game designed for base building, exploration, and boss fighting. We host PvE servers designed around collaborative gameplay, tribe alliances, and achievement hunting.

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We currently have a single private cluster of servers that focuses on economy, community, and base building. This cluster, called “Economy Cluster” or “EcoWolfe” (in short, as listed in-game) hosts a decent amount of mods featuring new dinos, quality of life improvements (for visuals and base building), and a handful of altered settings to increase the difficulty.


Palworld is the game where open world exploration and survival crafting meets childhood dreams of capturing creatures in spheres to care for, fight beside, and work together building mega bases.

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Our Palworld server features a handful of small setting tweaks to help with quality of life, on top of a great community that works together to share resources, especially with newer players.

Join our Palworld server today to enhance your experience of collecting all of the Pals, defeating bosses, raids, and more!