Palworld Server Settings

The community server is named “Wolfe’s Den” with the website tailed on the end. Below are the server settings for our hosted server.

Our server settings are beginner friendly and our community is very supportive!


  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Server Max Players Online: 16
  • Server mode: PvE Only
  • Friendly Fire: False
  • Guilds: True
  • Max Players per Guild: 20
  • Base Invaders: True
  • Base Max Workers: 20 Pals
  • Death Penalty: None (Keeps all inventory and pals upon death)
  • Other Players (non-guild) can pickup dropped loot: True

XP & Rates

  • Experience Rate: 1x
  • Pal Spawn Rates: 1x
  • Pal Stat Regend Rates: 1x
  • Player Stat Regen Rates: 1x
  • Egg Hatching Rates: 2x