Universal Settings

All servers are named “Wolfe’s Den” with the name of the map and website tailed onto the end. All Maps are considered Advanced Difficulty for Veteran Players.


  • Max Players Online: 50
  • All Servers PvE Only
  • Tribes Allowed: Max 10 members
  • Alliances Allowed: Max. 3 Tribes
  • Tribal Wars Allowed
  • Friendly Fire: True
  • Harvest Amount Multiplier: 10x
  • Stack size: 2x
  • Structure Collision: False
  • Always Allow Structure Pickup: True
  • Global Spoiling Time: 2x
  • Global Corpse Decomp Time: 2x
  • Crop Growth Speed: 2x
  • Allow Flying Stamina Recovery: True
  • Day/Night Cycle: 120 min (60/60)

Levels & XP

  • Max Level Wild Dino: 450
  • Survivor Level Cap: 500
  • Total Engram Points at Max Level: 9,895
  • Tamed Dino Levels Gained: 500
  • All XP Multipliers: 10x
    • Generic (Over Time)
    • Crafting
    • Harvesting
    • Killing
    • Special Events

Taming & Breeding

  • Taming Speed: 10x
  • Tamed Damage: 2x
  • Tamed Resistance: +80%
  • Tamed Stamina Drain: -50%
  • Mating Interval: –90%
  • Mating Speed Reduction: 10x
  • Egg Hatching Speed: 10x
  • Baby Growth Speed: 10x
  • Imprinting Stat Scale: 10x
  • Cuddle Interval: –90%
  • Max Tames (tribe): 1,000
  • Max Tames (server): 10,000
  • Allow Raid Dino Feeding: True

Server Mods

Be sure to subscribe to the mod collection on Steam and have it downloaded before attempting to join! It will take a few minutes to load mods depending on the amount of RAM you have installed.

Total Mods: 35


  • Primal Fear (Base, all expansions, & Bosses)
  • Ark Steampunk Mod
  • Auto Engrams (No more screen spam)
  • Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered
  • Dino Healing Brew
  • Dino Storage v2
  • Dino Tracker
  • Element Seeds
  • Fixed Permanent Titans
  • HUD Compass
  • MarniiMods: Horses
  • Structures Plus
  • Super Spyglass
  • Titanosaur Mod -Permanent-
  • Ultra Stacks


  • akka’s Interior Decor Structures
  • Ark Wardrobe (Steampunk outfits)
  • Dino Hats
  • Cosplay Evolved
  • eco’s Organic Saddles (Equus, Rex, & Raptor)
  • eco’s Garden Decor
  • eco’s Shoppe Decor
  • eco’s Tek Decor
  • eco’s Terrariums
  • eco’s Trees
  • MarniiMods: Hairstyles
  • Scratchy Claws’ Skins

Mod Settings

Many gameplay changing mods have some minor adjustments to match our vanilla server settings. All other mods are running default settings.

Primal Fear

  • Allow Breeding for the following:
    • Bosses
    • Celestial
    • Chaos
    • Demonic
    • Spirit
  • Kamikaze don’t damage metal/tek tier
  • Pegasus Evolution Kills Required: 1,000

Structures Plus (S+)

  • Cloner Speed: 5x
  • Cloning Cost: 50% Reduction
  • Shield Radius: 5x
  • Mutator Cost: 500 Element
  • Mutator Max Buff: 5
  • Nanny Feeding Threshold: 1
  • Beehive Honey Production: 900s
  • Hatchery Incubation: 5x
  • Resource Pull: 50 Foundations
  • Grinder Return: 50% of cost
  • Allow Non-stackables dedicated storage: True

Cosplay Evolved

  • Allow Part Abilities: True
  • Allow Hidden Abilities: True
  • All abilities turned on
  • Allow running with Breath Weapons: True
  • Allow Armor Hiding: True

Rotation servers

Any of the servers listed as “rotation servers” are online in a community-decided rotation. Only 2 servers will be online at once at any given time. To see the latest online servers, join Wolfe’s Den Discord.

The Center

Public Server, no password.

Crystal Isles

Public Server, no password.


Public Server, no password.

Genesis: Part 1

Public Server, no password.

Genesis: Part 2

Public Server, no password.

The Island

Public Server, no password.

Lost Island

Public Server, no password.


Public Server, no password.

Scorched Earth

Public Server, no password.

Permanent servers

Any of the servers listed as “permanent servers” are online year-round. These maps are available for large-scale base building and collaborative tribe events.

Permanent servers are only available to full-fledged “Howlers” that support the server and bandwidth costs through subscriptions on Twitch or Patreon.


Members-only Server.

Permanent Map. Designed for large-scale base building.

Subscribe on Twitch or Patreon to join this server.


Members-only Server.

Permanent Map. Designed for large-scale base building.

Subscribe on Twitch or Patreon to join this server.

Official Wolfe's Den Tribes

Only official tribes are eligible to receive lucrative rewards and content. Register your tribe today and start earning rewards! All tribe activity happens on Discord.