ASA Cluster Settings

All servers are named “Wolfe’s Den” with the name of the cluster and website tailed onto the end. All Maps are considered Advanced Difficulty for Veteran Players.

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  • Max Players Online: 20
  • All Servers PvE Only
  • Tribes Allowed: Max 70 members
  • Alliances Allowed: Max. 10 Tribes
  • Tribal Wars Allowed
  • Friendly Fire: True
  • Harvest Amount Multiplier: 5x
  • Stack size: 10x
  • Structure Collision: False
  • Always Allow Structure Pickup: True
  • Global Spoiling Time: 3x
  • Global Corpse Decomp Time: 3x
  • Allow Flying Stamina Recovery: True

Levels & XP

  • Max Level Wild Dino: 450
  • Survivor Level Cap: 500*
  • Enough Engram Points to Learn All
  • Tamed Dino Levels Gained: 500
  • All XP Multipliers:
    • Generic (Over Time): 5x
    • Crafting: 5x
    • Harvesting: 5x
    • Wild Kills: 5x
    • Alpha Kills: 10x
    • Boss Kills: 50x
    • Explorer Notes: 5x
    • Special Events: 50x

* ASA currently has a hard cap of levels. As of Scorched Earth release (Apr 1, 2024), the max level we can achieve is 155.

Taming & Breeding

  • Taming Speed: 10x
  • Mating Interval: –90%
  • Mating Speed Reduction: 10x
  • Egg Hatching Speed: 10x
  • Baby Growth Speed: 10x
  • Imprinting Stat Scale: 3x
  • Cuddle Interval: –90%
  • Max Tames (tribe): 200
  • Max Tames (server): 10,000
  • Allow Raid Dino Feeding: True

ASA Cluster Mods

ASA Economy Cluster Access

Our ASA Economy Cluster is available to the public! Simply search for “Wolfe’s Den” to find the online servers available today.

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ASA Cluster Mods

With the release of ASA, mods are managed in-game! We have rotating mods with events each holiday, plus additional creatures added frequently.

Find out the latest mods on the server in the Discord server.