Supply Crate Color Meaning and Space Biome Resource Guide for Genesis: Part 2 on Ark: Survival Evolved

Genesis Part 2 has a new meaning for the supply crate colors. Let's explore what they are and how they help you during gameplay.

With the release of Genesis: Part 2 on June 3rd, 2021 came a new Space biome and coordinating supply crate colors. The map itself is split in two with a Space biome allowing players to get certain resources such as gems, element, ambergris, black pearls, and even mutagel.

This new DLC is actually a ship. Starting around midnight, the ship will enter warp then arrive at a new location at 1:30 AM in-game time. Each location allows players to harvest a different resource, which can be determined by several methods we’ll go over here.

How to Determine the Space Biome Resources by Supply Crate Colors or Skybox

To start, I’ve included a quick reference guide that goes over the basics. Keep reading to view the full information on the Space biome, resources, and supply crate colors.

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Quick Reference for Colors & Resources in Space Biome on Genesis: Part 2

No time to read in full? No problem. Below is a quick reference guide for the resources available in Genesis: Part 2 and the coordinating supply crate color.

Supply Crate ColorResource Available
White/RainbowAmbergris, Mutagel
YellowObsidian & Gems
CyanElement Dust
OrangeBlack Pearls, Mutagel
Note: Obsidian and Oil appear in other variations as well but are in higher quantity during those colors. Metal is available in almost every biome variation.

I’ve created the image below for your reference. Feel free to download it to use as a guide while you play Ark.

Visual guide for color meaning of supply crates in genesis part 2

Resource Guide for Space Biome in Genesis Part 2

Skybox and AsteroidsAvailable resourcesSupply Crate color
Aberrant Asteroid/Planet
(mountainous with purple clouds)
Primary Resources: Blue gems, Green gems, Red gems, Obsidian
Secondary resources:  Metal, Stone
Ice Asteroid/Planet
(with iridescent blue moon)
Primary Resources: Element Shards, Element
Secondary resources: Metal, Stone
Molten Asteroid/PlanetPrimary Resources: Metal, Oil
Secondary Resource: Stone
Ringed Asteroid/PlanetPrimary Resources: Ambergris, Mutagel
Secondary Resources: Metal, Stone
Shale Asteroid/PlanetPrimary Resources: Element Dust, Element
Secondary Resources: Metal, Stone
Pearls Asteroid/PlanetPrimary Resources: Black Pearls, Mutagel
Secondary Resources: Obsidian, Metal, Stone
Crystalline Asteroid/Planet
(no planet but a bright pulsar back from the ship)
Primary Resource: Crystal
Secondary resources:  Metal, Stone
Sulphuric Asteroid/PlanetPrimary Resource: Sulfur
Secondary resources: Obsidian, Metal, Stone

Every biome features metal rocks which also result in stone. Some have more while others are less, but you can always get metal in the Space biome.

How Do I figure Out Which Days Are Which Resources In the Space Biome on Genesis 2?

Unfortunately, the space biome is randomly decided each night, and you might get the same color in a row. During testing, I spent about 15 in-game days on Genesis 2 before I ever saw Orange supply crates (which give black pearls).

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If you have access to a cluster of servers, you can import needed supplies. Missions will also help increase the output of resources in the asteroid field, so it’s helpful to have certain mission buffs running while farming the materials in space.

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Ready to play Genesis: Part 2?

I hope this reference guide helps you find all the resources you’ll need during your stay on Genesis Part 2!

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