What do the Colors Mean on the Supply Crates in Genesis: Part 2 on Ark: Survival Evolved?

Genesis Part 2 has a new meaning for the supply crate colors. Let's explore what they are and how they help you during gameplay.

This week, Genesis: Part 2 released in the survival sandbox game called Ark: Survival Evolved. This unique maps brings more new tames and resources along with amazing new weapons and gear. But first, let’s take an in-depth look at what the colors mean for the supply drops you’ll find on the Genesis 2 map.

Supply Crate Colors are Signals for Resources

Thanks to Raasclark for his amazing work during this first week of Genesis Part 2 release. A lot of this information is referenced from his video guide to resources on Genesis Part 2. Let’s get right to it.

Each color of the supply crate signals which type of variant space biome is present, letting you know which resources are harvest ready.

Remember that nearly every biome has metal rocks in it. Most also have some form of obsidian or oil as well. For the variations that have them listed, this means they appear in higher quantities or richer supply.

Quick Reference for Colors/Resources in Space Biome on Genesis 2

Supply Crate ColorResource Available
White/RainbowAmbergris, Mutagel
YellowObsidian & Gems
CyanElement Dust
OrangeBlack Pearls, Mutagel
Note: Obsidian and Oil appear in other variations as well but are in higher quantity during those colors. Metal is available in almost every biome variation.

I’ve created the image below for your reference. Feel free to download it to use as a guide while you play Ark.

How Do I figure Out Which Days Are Which Resources In the Space Biome on Genesis 2?

Unfortunately, there’s no specific day that correlates to a resource. I restarted a single player world on Genesis Part 2 several times and got a different resource on Day 1. On top of that, the resource that would appear afterwards couldn’t be predicted.

After a bit of research, it appears the different space biomes are random each day. I was truly hoping I could answer this with a simple math equation and say “on these days it’s this resource” but WildCard decided to keep it… we’ll say “interesting.”

For example, after sitting inside the space area and watching which biomes would appear, one set went like this: Sulfur, Dust, Obsidian/Gems, Dust, Ambergris.

Perhaps we’ll get more data from someone with more time to crunch the numbers in the future. In the meantime, the only way to tell which resources are in the space biome is by looking at the supply crate’s color.

Ready to play Genesis Part 2?

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Data Accuracy is my Goal

It’s my goal to bring you accurate information. If you’ve found that this information is incorrect or outdated, please let me know by commenting below. Remember to include photo or video references to support your claims.

I hope this reference guide helps you find all the resources you’ll need during your stay on Genesis Part 2!

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