Welcome to the family! I’m glad to have you on board. Since you joined the club, that means you have agreed to be a regular contributor to videos and broadcasts that I do.

So that I’m not repeating myself constantly, I setup a quick guide on what to expect from me and what I expect from you.

What to expect from me

I have two different methods of videos: recording and broadcasting.

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When I’m recording, the plan is to put it on YouTube. My aim is to create fun challenges and goofy builds that run against meta to give the viewers something fun and interesting to watch – any time they watch it.

When I’m broadcasting, I am streaming directly to Twitch where an audience sees our games live. Since this is not editable, it is the utmost importance to me to keep these games clean and fun.

Occasionally I am recording while broadcasting. These are usually for special videos that will go onto YouTube for extra fun (think of it as a bonus video that gets posted outside of normally scheduled videos).

What I expect from you

I expect fun, wholesome games. My aim is to create videos that are entertaining – not frustrating – for viewers.

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If you’re having a rough game, I understand. Keep foul words and hostility to yourself – mute if necessary. If you become toxic, it tilts the team and makes for an unpleasant game. Take a break afterward.

As a fun side tip – wear your Wolfe’s Den™ club tag when we play! Not required but still fun to show off!

Don’t talk about personal things! Remember that broadcasts stay online (on the Twitch servers) for several weeks. YouTube will have them forever!

Note: I always try to let the party know when I’m recording or streaming. Being a part of the club tells me that it’s okay if I forget to tell you when I’m streaming – because you agreed to being a part of the videos when you joined.


Have fun

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Everyone is watching

Don’t be toxic

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Take a break if you’re frustrated

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Subscribe and follow so you know when your vids go live!